We pursue the following main lines of research using graphene and graphene-related materials as our playground:

Quantum transport in the presence of alternating fields (ac): quantum pumping (or how to generate a dc current at zero bias thanks to quantum interference), ac control of the conductance and noise, laser-induced effects on transport. For an overview see this article at AZoNano and this one at PhysOrg. Keywords: Floquet Theory, graphene, Floquet topological insulators.
Nanoelectromechanics and thermoelectrics. See CienciaNet.

Exploratory experimental work on graphene using Raman, AFM and STM .

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Floquet Theory, graphene, Floquet topological insulators.

Laser-induced band gaps in grapheneTuning laser-induced band gaps in graphene

Hernán L. Calvo, Horacio M. Pastawski, Stephan Roche, and Luis E. F. Foa Torres
Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 232103 (2011). [pdf]
APL Research Highlights, June 2011; also in APL 50th Anniversary Editors’ Picks.
[2nd most downloaded APL article June 2011]
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2012/09  “Lo más importante en ciencia son las preguntas”, entrevista para La Voz del Interior (Argentina).

2011/10 “Grafeno: tan lejos, tan cerca” /
“Graphene: Faraway, so close!” , mini-clip featuring the micromechanical cleavage technique for producing graphene and Raman characterisation performed at UNC.

2011/08 “Cover Story: No optical illusion”, William Leventon for MICROmanufacturing Magazine, July/August 2011 issue, page 28. [pdf]

2011/07 “Time-dependent fields for a new breed of carbon-based nanodevices”, invited article for Nanotechnology thought-leaders series at

2011/07 “Lasers could produce much sought after band gaps in graphene”, Lisa Zyga for PhysOrg (science news).

2011/06 “Graphene may gain on-off switch”, American Institute of Physics Press Release (Eureka).

2010/10 “El grafeno, sus secretos, y la investigacion en Cordoba”, Foa Torres para La Voz del Interior (newspaper).